3 Things You Should Know About Engineers

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January 30, 2017
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February 27, 2017

3 Things You Should Know About Engineers

Did you know? Although many things may have gone digital, engineering still places a lot of emphasis on completing tasks by hand and on paper.

Engineering is a job where infinite possible answers exist to any problem, and this means we still think through challenges and solutions without the help of calculators and other technology. It’s an iterative process, and now that there are two of us engineers here at Boreal (one of us with 20+ years of experience, and one of us who recently graduated), here’s a peek into our process.

1) Tech makes the job faster, but not easier.

New engineers entering the workforce have the tools and the knowledge to solve engineering problems, but may lack the experience to identify problems. Applications like Excel come in handy for the detailed work of calculating, and 3D modeling makes it easier to visualize, but we are just as often using pencil and paper to come to an ideal solution for our clients.

A good engineer could be transported to any place and time in history, and still be able to solve engineering problems using the same methods we use today.

2) LEGO is an office necessity.

LEGO, string, and other simple materials allow us to make small-scale 3D models right at our desks. When we are visualizing a certain problem or solution, these small-scale models lay it all out in front of us. Just as we want our clients to be able to visualize the final product we are proposing, we ourselves sometimes need to see it before we can explain it to others. Amanda recently built a model of a fall protection system right at her desk to help her better understand a problem for our client Connect Fall Protection.

Plus, it’s just fun.

3) We can solve any problem within the parameters you give us.

Because there are always infinite possibilities to any engineering challenge, results are never dependent on the time we have to think about a particular challenge. We can provide you with an ideal solution on a shorter deadline just as easily as in a longer timeframe—all you need to do is let us know what the parameters are. We’ll always give you the best solution to meet your project’s unique needs.

At Boreal, we love what we do—speaking of which, it’s about time we got back to it! We’ve got some fun engineering projects to share with you over the next few months, so stay tuned!

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