How to automate your entire safety program

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April 4, 2017
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How to automate your entire safety program

How much time did you spend approving, filing, or find forms in the past week? Time spent keeping track of what’s been signed, what still needs to be signed, who has what form right now, and when another, newer form will be due for signing is wasted time. And to add to this headache, many of your workers might be wondering: What’s the point of doing all of this paperwork? Nobody is going to read it. How does filling out this safety form actually make my job safer?

What if more time could be spent actually improving safety? What if your safety personnel spent their time building a strong safety culture, rather than chasing paper?

The Boreal solution

So, what’s the alternative, then? Going digital can solve many of the headaches associated with paperwork and can provide you with automatic reporting to help give you information to provide a safer workplace, prevent incidents, recognize daily hazards, and communicate with your team. There are many DIY products, apps, and systems on the market that can digitize your safety forms. The downside is that, with the extensive setup and often steep learning curve involved, many of these solutions end up being more trouble than they’re worth. Unless you’re particularly tech-savvy (and very patient!), sticking with physical paper systems can easily seem like the best—or maybe least-bad—option.

That’s where we come in. At Boreal, we know just how much the right software can help ease the burden of safety administration for our clients. We don’t want you to feel stuck in an inefficient paper system!

We’ve spent the last eight months developing a partnership with Calgary-based software developers Lighthouse and researching the best way to clear those piles of paperwork. We now offer a personalized process for helping you move from a paper-based safety program to a digital, automatic one. We can help you get your forms digitized, stored, and linked together in a way that streamlines your safety program.

How the process works

Imagine this: you have a safety form that needs to be filled in. (Easy enough to imagine, right?) But instead of dealing with the paper nightmare described above, you fill it in and submit it on your phone. Then Boreal’s automatic process initiates, sending the form to the next person who needs to see and approve it, and then on to the next, and the next. Once the form has made its way to everyone who needs to see or approve it, the system files the form automatically for easy access in the future.

The program offers additional functionality as well, including notifications for forms that need to be filled out regularly (like inspections), and offline access for filling in forms from remote areas.

With this program, one process leads instantly and seamlessly into another, saving you the headache and headspace of trying to keep track of all that paperwork.

All of that data is then analyzed, so that supervisors and management can see the big picture regarding what safety looks like to your entire operation. This information provides valuable data that can drive safety training, procedure development, ease during audit time, and also save you money!

Customizable system

The best part about Boreal’s system is that it’s completely customizable. We’ll meet with you to find out exactly what you like and don’t like about your current paper-based system. We know that sometimes, ditching paper completely isn’t the best solution—especially if your team works in areas where cell phones are prohibited.

We’ll take things like this, and the other specifics of your business, into consideration. Then we’ll craft a program that meets your exact needs, grows and evolves with you, and always has a Boreal point person available to handle all the minutia.

Interested in seeing what this level of customization would look like for your company? We would love to come out and demo the system for you. Send us two of your most commonly used forms. We’ll integrate those into the program, and you can see exactly how your workers, supervisors, and safety team would be using the system. Contact us at for your customized demo, and let us show you how to make your safety program the easiest thing about your business.

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