Conquer your biggest business challenges in 2016

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February 1, 2016
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Conquer your biggest business challenges in 2016

Since our first day in business, we at Boreal Services Group have been dedicated to making your professional life easier. We specialize in the tasks that take you away from your core business, and we’ve expanded our initial offerings to address the things that bother you the most.

Of course, the things that were the biggest stressors in your business then remain the biggest stressors now. There are two, to be exact. Can you guess what they are?

Yup: paperwork and safety training.


Arrrrggghhhh, paperwork, right? We hear from you every day that dealing with paperwork is one of the biggest stressors in your business. And we understand why: modern construction projects, done properly, require so much of it that it can feel overwhelming, and even counterproductive at times.

Here are a few common concerns about paperwork we’ve fielded over the years:

“It’s unnecessarily complex.”

“It’s too easy to lose.”

“How are we supposed to track it once it’s complete?”

“It’s never complete!”

“There’s no intuitive way to file and access it.”

“Printing and storing costs are too high.”

“Going back through it is too tedious, so we just don’t.”

“What’s the point of all this paperwork, anyway?”

Do any of these ring true for you? We’ll admit that we’ve felt buried in paperwork ourselves at times, so we can relate. We were told we’d all be paperless offices by now, but even as we inch closer to the promised land, the daily reality can be a struggle.

The regulations for comprehensive documentation aren’t going away any time soon, but there are a few innovations on the horizon that we’re excited to be bringing to our clients in 2016.

If you want paperwork to feel like less of a burden on your time…

If you’re  keen to embrace new technologies…

If you’d like your documentation to be instantly accessible and searchable, wherever you are and whenever you want…

If you’d like to outsource more of the paperwork lifecycle…

….well, then, stay tuned!


Safety training

Jobsite safety has come a long way, baby. Your dedication to safe work practices in your business inspires us, and we hear you when you share the pressures of trying to meet all the current standards:

“Courses don’t accommodate our work schedules.”

“Course facilities are always far away from our daily work activities.”

“Tracking our completed courses is time-consuming and not intuitive.”

“It’s difficult to keep track of when it’s time to renew our certifications.”

We’ve thought long and hard about a solution to these frustrations. Our goal is always to find ways to help you focus on your core work, and we’ve been listening closely to the exact things you struggle with in regards to safety training. And just like with the paperwork struggles listed above, we are really excited about some opportunities to reduce the stress of safety training for your business in 2016.

Wouldn’t it be nice to…

…do safety training onsite?

…find courses that worked with your existing schedule?

…have an auto-reminder system in place to remind you when recerts are due?

We think so, too.

We’re going to end this on a cliffhanger…

We know you have stressors in your business, and we’re listening very carefully. Solutions are coming, and we can’t wait to reveal all. But in the meantime…

What else gets you down during the daily grind?

How are you dealing with time vampires while staying focused on your core business?

What other business challenges are you keen to tackle in 2016?

And, of course, how can we help?

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