June 29, 2016

SWP? JHA? FLHA? PSI? WTF??? Navigating the confusing world of safety terminology

Every industry is full of its own unique terminology—words, phrases, and acronyms that are familiar to the group that operates in it, but mostly a foreign language […]
June 1, 2016

Would you be ready to evacuate?

I’m writing this on June 3, exactly one month since almost 90,000 people were evacuated from Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. Can you believe it’s been […]
June 1, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi, Your Company, and Workplace Harassment

Full disclosure: I (Deidra speaking here) used to LOVE Jian Ghomeshi. I loyally listened to Q on CBC every morning. I fangirled when I spotted him […]
April 4, 2016

6 things to do in April to grow your business

Last month, we introduced you to 7 Alberta professionals you need to know: the contractors we work with and recommend who can help take your business to the […]