Safety Is Going Digital: Are You Ready?

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February 27, 2017
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Safety Is Going Digital: Are You Ready?

Imagine a world where everything in your office is digital—and where you never again have to trace the paper trail for your staff’s safety paperwork and training requirements.

Sounds pretty good, right?

This is the age we are coming into. Slowly but surely, we’re getting closer to that elusive “paperless office.” And at Boreal, we’re committed to making sure our clients are as ahead of the times as you want to be. We want to offer our safety products and services digitally in a way that paces the current trend in technology.

To do this, we have four possible ideas to propose. We welcome your feedback about these, as well as any further suggestions you have about services, tools, or resources you’d like to see available. With your feedback, we’ll be able to begin developing digital services that better suit your needs.

1) Automatic Toolbox Talks delivered to your inbox: Toolbox Talks are typically a daily job site requirement, and finding a new topic everyday can eat up time and resources. We want to change that with our forthcoming Automatic Toolbox Talks. We will tailor each talk for your industry and jurisdiction, in a way that will deliver all the information you and your team need—while still being engaging. This will be a fully customizable, subscription-based service that will make Toolbox Talks relevant and ensure they fulfill every legislative requirement. Would you be interested? What are some things you’d like to see covered?

2) Safety management software: Certainly you’ve all heard of various forms of safety management software. These software packages can help you manage your safety program and keep it all in a central location. Features of various programs include:

  • housing your policies, practices and procedures and ensure that your workers are reviewing them
  • allowing your organization’s forms to filled out in the field and automatically sent to their supervisor for review and follow up
  • keeping track of your workers’ training certificates, letting them know when it’s time to renew a certification plus have all certificates in one place
  • analyzing your company safety data to look at trends,

These can all free up valuable time for workers to do the work that your company is hired to do, and for management to make better decisions based on what your software is telling you is going on in your organization. Boreal Services Group is demoing them all, determining what would work best for our current and potential clients. We know that you want something that is user friendly, customizable so that it can meet your organization’s specific needs, and easy on the budget.

Have we found the perfect software package that can do it all? No. Are we working hard to see how Boreal can develop a system that allows you to access bits and pieces of what we think are best from various packages? Yes. What parts of your safety management system would you like to see digitized? What do you see as hurdles to making this work?

3) Working alone app: This is an app we want to develop to aid in ensuring the safety and security of those who are required to work alone as part of your job. You will be able to start the app and tell it what jurisdiction you’re in, and the app will take care of all requirements associated with working alone in that area. We’re envisioning that it will prompt you to check in at specified intervals, and will automatically begin contacting your emergency contacts and dispatching relevant authorities if you don’t respond to notifications. This app could be relevant for those in industries other than construction, such as retail, convenience stores, gas stations, or camp workers. And yes, many job sites currently have standards in place for working alone—the automation features of this app will ensure those standards are met and your team stays safe in all conditions.

4) We’ll put your in-house training program online. There is all kinds of talk about digitally tracking third-party training, but we are taking this one step further. We’re finding that with many of our clients, their workforce is spread across many locations, even across the country. It is difficult to provide consistent training when the majority of your workforce isn’t able to attend meetings and trainings at your headquarters. We are developing a system that allows safety meetings and in-house trainings (such as your company orientation and company specific WHMIS) to be digitalized and sent to everyone on your payroll, whether they are workers or contractors. We can customize it so that you can track who has ‘attended’ the meetings and trainings, and we can include video, attachments, and quizzes to ensure participation.  You will be able to make your training and your programs more consistent by having everything organized and in one place.  And the best part is that these online organization programs can be as specific to your needs as possible. Just tell us what you’re looking for.

How do those sound? We want to hear from you. These ideas, plus others that are currently rattling around in our brains, have arisen from our clients’ current challenges, so if you have others, we want to know about it so we can be of best service to you.

If there were a digital tool that could make your safety life easier, what would it be?

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