Boreal in the Downtown Core

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January 4, 2016
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Boreal in the Downtown Core

Confession time!

Part of the reason we chose our new office in Old Strathcona is that its north window has a perfect view of the downtown core. Now, that’d be exciting news under any circumstance (the sunrise is amazing every morning!), but we happen to have a personal and professional connection to that core: it’s been one of our busiest jobsites for the past year, and will continue to be so well into 2016.

We’ve been so honoured and pleased to be part of the downtown revitalization happening in Edmonton right now, and when we sat back to think during a rare quiet moment last month, we realized we hadn’t really told anyone about everything that’s happening over there. Time to remedy that! Here are some of the cool projects we’re working on this year, along with some insider secrets about what you can expect as the revitalization projects powers through 2016.

Royal Alberta Museum

This $375-million project is going to be a breathtaking destination when it’s all done in mid-2016. We’ve been helping out with the falsework inspections on the feature staircase, so we hope you’ll send us a thank you note when you don’t fall through on your first visit. You can check out the renderings and some in-progress shots right here, or just marvel at this feat of engineering below. We can’t wait to see it completed! It belongs in a museum!

museum staircase
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Fox Towers

These high-rise condos are going up on one of the most desirable downtown streets. They called Boreal for falsework inspections because there’s no room for error here. You can watch the construction in progress by visiting their website.

Mayfair on 109th and Jasper

Boreal was already conducting falsework inspections for Pagnotta when their client contacted us to engineer a scaffold design. Since we were already onsite, it was a quick and easy job for us. It was great to be able to provide services for a new client on the same jobsite.

Kelly Ramsey Building

The Kelly Ramsey building was one of the first office buildings in Edmonton. Originally built in 1927, it had a lot of character, but it had fallen into disrepair before being pulled into the revitalization effort. The renovation has been intense: brick by brick, craftsmen have been meticulous in restoring its beauty, and Boreal was called in for falsework inspections. Kelly Ramsey Block is one of the fastest rising office towers in the city, reflected by our client’s aggressive pour schedule.

Ice District

Pro tip! Don’t call this area the Ice District. Those in the know eliminate the “the” and call it simply “Ice District.” We don’t know why, but we’re passing it along so you can look like a pro, too. Boreal’s been working in Ice District on some miscellaneous engineering projects, including a construction elevator in the arena itself. Rumor has it the Oilers will win their next Stanley Cup in that arena. (You heard it here first.)


Overall, the downtown revitalization has been an exciting portfolio of projects to add to our roster, and we’re proud to be part of such a large-scale tribute to this city.

What projects are you working on in 2016? And what can we help you with?


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