I do this stuff so you don’t have to

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June 12, 2018

I do this stuff so you don’t have to

I don’t know how many times I’ve had a client say to me: I’m so happy you are doing _____________ so that I don’t have to. The blank could be anything: attend a workshop put on by Alberta OHS, take a workshop on auditing, take a university course on due diligence, re-write a policy based on new legislation, or get on a conference call with an owner client to understand their contractor requirements.

I’ve also had clients say to me: do you really like doing this stuff?

Luckily, I love what I do. And I love that I can help you out so that you can get back to doing what you do best. The best part? What I do for one client always benefits all of my clients.

  • When I was first asked by a client to figure out what I-CAB was all about, it didn’t take long for another client to need to be on I-CAB as well and luckily I had that knowledge in my back pocket.
  • I’m happily sorting out the ins and outs of the new ACSA Audit Protocol for one client right now, knowing that multiple clients will be going through the same process down the road. I am constantly building resources and templates and processes and making them available to customize and provide to you.
  • While talking with an Alberta OHS officer last week, I was able to get a good understanding of the purpose behind reporting Potentially Serious Incidents (information that certainly wasn’t available in legislation, and unfortunately wasn’t available in any Alberta OHS bulletins either). I don’t believe that just telling someone to do something is enough. Telling someone WHY they need to do it makes all the difference. But it was driving me crazy that I didn’t have a clear understanding of WHY Alberta OHS wanted you guys to report potentially serious incidents (and seriously, why couldn’t they have just explained that clearly somewhere? C’mon people.).
  • How many of you guys do work for Suncor in Wood Buffalo? If you do, that means that you’ll like have to start random drug testing your workers right? Do you know how you’ll do that yet? DriverCheck? CannAmm? SureHire? How do you ensure that you are following Suncor’s requirements but still ensuring confidentiality? Is your policy up to date? Does it meet the 2018 COAA Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace?

This is the kind of thing I do for you, my clients. I find out WHAT needs to be done, HOW it needs to be done, and WHY it needs to be done. I take information from multiple sources: my contacts within Alberta OHS, my multiple clients and their contacts, various safety associations, etc., and I compile it into the most comprehensive resource that makes sense for your organization.

You may not even realize it, but when you become a Boreal client, you become part of the Boreal community of shared knowledge. The knowledge I gain from serving you is shared with my other clients. Everything is kept confidential, of course, but what I learn when I am serving other clients becomes knowledge that allows me to serve you better.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and months…I have bundles of information to share with you; I am going to answer some questions you might have like:

  • What the hell is a potentially serious incident anyways? When do I need to report it? And what happens after I report it to Alberta OHS? What are they doing with this information?
  • What is going on with Random Drug Testing? It is just Suncor that is doing this? Can I just randomly choose my workers myself? What drugs do we need to test for? And when does this have to start?
  • Exactly what members of my health and safety committee need training? Wait, do I really need a health and safety committee? Or just a representative? And what exactly do they need to do?
  • ACSA’s new audit protocol can’t be THAT different can it?
  • What industry is going to be a part of Alberta OHS’s next inspection blitz?
  • Harassment isn’t REALLY a safety issue is it? (Hint: over 4500 complaint calls to Alberta OHS since June 2018 tells us that it IS.)

If you’ve got some colleagues that have been wondering about these things, send them our way, or better yet, forward them our contact information! We love helping out contractors so that they can get back to doing what they do best!

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