New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

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November 3, 2015
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January 4, 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Did you make New Year’s resolutions for 2016?

We came across a list recently of the most popular resolutions made (and broken) every year. You can probably guess what they are without even clicking through, but it got us thinking: maybe what we need isn’t more willpower to follow through on our resolutions, but a new angle altogether. What if instead of focusing on losing 10 pounds in 2016, we focused instead on cutting the excess weight from our businesses? And what if that actually helped us lose 10 pounds after all?

There’s some evidence to suggest that struggle begets struggle, which means that if we’re having trouble reaching a goal in a certain area, we’re probably struggling similarly in other areas. What does that mean? If we want to lose weight, we might reach that goal not by signing up for a gym membership, but by finding ways to trim the fat from our professional lives.

Does that make any sense at all? Worth a shot? Let’s do it. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for our businesses (that might just help out in other areas of our lives, too!):

1. Lose weight

January is a good time to think about all the areas of our businesses that are looking a little too plump. We’re not talking bank accounts, of course, but how’s your paperwork looking lately? Are your meetings as efficient and productive as they could be? Have you consolidated all those sticky notes into a manual yet?

The above are just three areas where we help clients to “trim the fat” from their businesses…and they’re three areas that we’re focusing on for 2016, too! Let’s do it together.

I (Dean) actually had a professor once who lost 10 pounds by following the guidelines in the ISO 9001. Talk about crossover application!

2. Get organized

The construction and safety industries come with a lot of paperwork. This isn’t news to anyone, but it may be news to you that we can help you cut back significantly on your business’s paperwork. That stack sitting beside you right now? We can eliminate most of it with electronic systems and personalized processes that will make your life easier (starting immediately).

3. Eat better

This is a metaphor for feeding your business with quality ingredients—from systems and personnel to opportunities and training. We can’t run a marathon on Cheetos fuel, and our businesses can’t flourish long-term if we’re not investing in them. Are there any quality inputs you’ve been holding off on implementing? How can you get them going in 2016?

4. Stress less

You guys tell us often that we reduce your stress by taking important (but time-consuming) tasks off your plate. Thank you; that’s always our goal! We’d love to hear about the things that are stressing you out in your business lately, and we can almost guarantee we’ll have a solution you hadn’t yet thought of.

5. Save money

From better falsework inspections to getting COR quicker, Boreal specializes in solutions that save your business money, both upfront and in the long term. (Pro tip: maintaining your COR is more cost-effective than re-applying if it lapses!) Almost all of our services are essential to your productivity and your bottom line, which helps you find extra funds for resolution #3 up there.

6. Sleep better

This is a metaphor for…no, it’s not. Sleep better means sleep better. Almost all of us need more and better sleep. When we get it, we (and our businesses) are primed to perform optimally. Get more sleep, folks. Don’t argue; just do it. It’s already on your list of resolutions, anyway.


Can you think of any other New Year’s resolutions for your business? We’d love to hear!


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