We’ve all heard it before: safety is everybody’s responsibility.

And you, our ideal client, is already safe. However, what you may want a hand with is in developing that documentation that explains how you’re being safe; what you expect from your workers and what they can expect from you; how you’re meeting safety legislation; how you’re training your workers and how they are communicating what’s important to them.

That means having a kick-ass safety program…one that makes sense to your workers and to your clients, one that your team actually uses, one that meets legislative requirements, and one that is an asset to your organization.

What we can do for you:

  • Collaborate with your team to build you a custom Safety Management Systems including a manual, forms and orientations. And we’ll make sure it’s developed specifically for your business, your industry, and your needs, but that is also well within compliance of your jurisdiction’s OHS legislation
  • Help you obtain or maintain your Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR), that oh-so-important piece of paper that proves just how safe your company is, and that is often your ticket to being allowed to bid on a job or step foot on worksite, and also helps you get up to a 20% discount on your WCB premiums
  • Ensure your team has all the safety training they require, whether it’s third party certifications or in-house training; and that there is a system to ensure that your team knows when it’s time to renew their training and that all training documentation is easily accessible.
  • Keep your clients happy with flawless pre-qualifications, whether it’s client-specific or on a more general platform like ISNetworld, Avetta (PICS), ComplyWorks, etc.
  • Understand what the hell your safety analytics and statistics really mean and how they can change your business’s bottom line.

Whether you are on a construction site or a bakery, in a restaurant or the oil patch, working with children or working with cannabis plants, Boreal can help you develop a safety program that will help you keep your workers safe, will engage your workers to take responsibility for their safety, and will help you meet your business goals.



  • Boreal's been great. They accommodate whatever it is we're after. It was an interesting process, because they came, they sat, they listened. Once they’d gathered the information and came back to us, we realized how different their approach is. They're designing a program that is specifically for Mid-City. They're not taking a generic quality management program and just altering it to fit; they got the specific vibe of our company and then created something just for us.

    They're just such pleasant people, too. So pleasant to work with. There was never any tension in a meeting. How many clients or people do you work with that you can honestly say you've never felt any sort of tension in any meetings?
    Halie Zasada, Project Manager
    Mid-City Construction Management Inc.
  • CFP was interested in procuring an engineering firm to help support the design and structural confirmation of the various fall protection projects we oversee. Boreal has been a great addition to our team and adds value to our business through timely deliverables and by making themselves always available for questions. Additionally, we were happy to find an extremely valuable resource in their safety program development. Deidra has helped us roll out our new safety manual and continues to support our safety program. Excellent service, excellent people.
    Jason Karasewich, President
    Connect Fall Protection
  • Very professional group who care about your employees and our business. However, it didn't take long to see our concerns were their concerns and all timelines were met or exceeded... getting a regimented safety program in place for our company, employees and clients that met our and the workplace expectations. We feel all our needs are met or exceeded by working with Boreal Services. We would recommend Boreal Services to anyone in the industry who wish to grow or complement their business with regards to safety expectations.
    Blair Grant, GM
    Octo Mechanical
  • Very detailed work and willing to think outside the box. Great co-operation.
    Peter Dawson, P.Eng.
    Dawson Wallace Construction
  • I’m having fantastic results with Deidra and Boreal Services. The services provided to me for the last several years now have always been timely, professional and accurate. Operating a small business and all the challenges that come with the territory I know the value in surrounding myself with a team of professionals who can be counted on to deliver. Deidra does just that every time, and that allows me to focus on my business and area of expertise.
    Mark van Bommel
  • When Santech Vibration Ltd. was looking for a Safety Consultant, Boreal Safety Consulting was highly recommended. In a very short period of time, Deidra helped develop Santech’s Safety Program, obtain SECOR certification, and overcome ISNetworld issues. And continues to provide prompt assistance as issues arise.
    Doris Smallwood
    Santech Vibration Ltd.